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Jonathan W. Emord ,

principal of Emord and Associates, practices constitutional and Food and Drug law in Washington D.C. before the federal courts and agencies.

He is the only attorney in American history to defeat the FDA eight times in federal court, seven times on First Amendment grounds.

Emord is rated “AV” (preeminent in the law, the highest possible legal rating in both legal ability and ethics) by the Martindale-Hubbell organization.

Mr. Emord is the author of Global Censorship of Health Information, The Rise of Tyranny, and the incredible Restore the Republic.

Colin Flaherty,

an award winning investigative writer whose work has appeared in over 1000 publications worldwide, including The New York Times, LA Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post and Time magazine.

He has won over 40 journalism awards and hosts a talk radio show on WDEL 1150 in Wilmington Delaware.

He's the author of Redwood to Deadwood the story of a 53 year old dude hitchhiking across America.

His latest book, White Girl Bleed a Lot is an Amazon best seller where he addresses a race relation facts in America.

Tonight “Black Mobs violence escalates across the nation while reporters are being silenced.

Jeffrey C. Borneman,

a Wall Street financial consultant for over 30 years. His expertise is in trading equities, debt securities, and various commodities.

He has been an active energy trader and formulated the MDEF Strategy for our current era of crisis investing.

This strategy reflects global economic upheaval, by understanding and predicting geopolitical, currency, environmental, and legislative risks.

Mr. Borneman established and owns Rampart Portfolio Partners LLC and offers securities through Cambridge Investment Research Inc.

Tonight we will discuss new world banking as established by the BRICS nations and the new oil…water. RampartPortfolios.com

David Spring

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Attorney Jonathan Emord

 Emord and Associates

Author of:

Global Censorship

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The Rise of Tyranny

Restore the Republic

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