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Midnight-6AM EST

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Christian Wilde

explains how to detect and neutralize Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke.

Inflammation is cardiology’s newest frontier.

You’ll discover the C-reactive protein as missing link to heart attack and stroke.

Mr. Wilde’s book the revolutionary Miracle Stem Cell Heart Repair offers hope for those who have suffered heart attacks and bypass surgery to live a normal, drug free, life.

Mr. Wilde is a singer, songwriter, movie producer, and extraordinary researcher.

Tonight we'll discuss more revelations about the miracle spice Tumeric.

Rachael L. McIntosh

is an extraordinarily talented visual artist and writer.

She worked for a major US Defense contractor during the lead up to the Iraq war.

This book is the “real deal” from the inside, which pulls together 911 information and the business of war and intelligence.

She raised 5 million in one day with her 2007 fundraising furry for Ron Paul.

Her insider experiences are chronicled in her Security Through Absurdity Trilogy.

Book I Little Yellow Stickies has just been released. It’s FICTION, but everything is TRUE.

The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Dr. James H. Fetzer,

is the author of Murder In Dealy Plaza, American Assassination: The Strange Death of Senator Paul Wellstone, 911 Science of an Inside Job, Render Unto Darwin, and The 911 Conspiracy.

We’ll look at the scientific evidence eleven years after 911.

The events of 911 and the assassination of President Kennedy have many similarities.

Both events led to sham commissions being set up and a consolidation of power and control.

Tonight latest 911 information on the crime of the century.


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