Upcoming Guests for 04/25/15 - 04/26/15


10PM-1AM (Mountain)
11PM-2AM (Central)
Midnight - 3AM (Sunday) (Eastern)

CALL-IN LIVE! at 1-(888) 420 - 9890


HOUR 1: Heather Wagenhals

Heather Wagenhals personal finance expert, writer, speaker, and host of Unlock Your Wealth Radio.

Her books Bushido Business and Yes You Can can help you become gFinancially savvy the Easy Way.g

Heather has appeared on CNN, ABC,CBS, NBC, Fox, Smart Money and many more outlets.

This member of the National Speakers Association is in demand as a premier key note speaker and personal finance expert.

Tonight online internet scams.


Hour 2: Jonathan W. Emord

Jonathan W. Emord; principal of Emord and Associates, practices constitutional and Food and Drug law in Washington D.C. before the federal courts and agencies.

He is the only attorney in American history to defeat the FDA eight times in federal court, seven times on First Amendment grounds.

Emord is rated gAVh (preeminent in the law, the highest possible legal rating in both legal ability and ethics) by the Martindale-Hubbell organization.

Mr. Emord is the author of Global Censorship of Health Information, The Rise of Tyranny, and the incredible new Restore the Republic.

Tonight, gNuclear Follyh and the administrations mid-east policy of capitulation.


Hour 3: Marie D. Jones

Marie D. Jones is the author of 11:11 The Time Prompt Phenomenon: The Meaning Behind Mysterious Signs, Sequences, and Synchronicities, PSIscience, Destiny vs. Choice, 2013, This Book is from the Future, and now MIND WARS FA: History of Mind Control,Surveillance, and Social Engineering by the Government, Media, and Secret Societies.

She is a licensed New Thought minister and has an extensive background in metaphysics and the paranormal.

Mind Wars is the portal through which wefre led to enter the Matrix..


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