Predictions 2015


Amazon moving into more healthcare supplies

Walmart moves to supply more healthcare services (Walmart within 15 min of 95% pop)

Major breakthru in Alzheimers & Diabetes to contain & possible cure

Hospitals moving to peer to peer lending to assist collections of bills

Hospitals begin catering to Latinos (17% population 1 in 5 uninsured)

Major gutting of Obamacare as administration loses several Supreme Court decisions and many Executive Orders are rulled unconstitutional. Mr. Gruber’s “stupid people”comments will weigh heavily on their decisions.


President Obama will continue to dig in against Congress, ignoring the last election. His support will continue dwindling causing him to consider leaving office.

US debt continues as a major issue as auto loans and student loans go into default. Any recovery we experienced grinds to a halt. There is 3.2 trillion in US consumer debt.

Republicans continue in-fighting as America looks for a third party choice.

Entertainment & Technology

Comebacks for Rihanna and Adele as music becomes more listenable. New breakout performers will show talent and class.

We’ll see advances in wearable technology as Apple/Nike team up with health monitoring, GPS, smart watches.


War erupts in Macedonia

Changes in Greece, Spain, Portugal, and very close election in UK as European Central Bankers panic. Greece changes course causing EU split.

US re-enters Iraq as war escalates in the Middle East.

US News

Colder weather, longer more severe winter causes strains on electric grid by mid-February. Crops in Canada suffer greatly.

Mid-West flooding along Mississippi worst in years occurring March and April.

Major LA earthquake is likely in January

Racial unrest continues with calls for increased marshal law. Attacks on police continue escalation.

Disaster aboard 2nd Branson/Virgin flight upon re-entry major star die


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HOUR 1: Patrick M. Wood

Patrick M. Wood , a registered investment adviser, founded The August Corporation in October 1975 and in 1978, The Trilateral Observer with Professor Anthony Sutton as co-editor.

In 1981 Wood founded the World Research Library which is dedicated to researching, examining and exposing the world’s elite.

Wood & Professor Sutton’s Trilaterals Over Washington volume I & II have been used as textbooks at many colleges and universities.

Mr. Wood’s DVD Why Financial Chaos outlines the Trilateral Commission’s endgame.

His DVD Apostasy in Motion: current and alarming trends in Christianity.

Tonight, just released TECHNOCRACY RISING The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation.

Hour 2: Lori Regnler

Lori Regnler opened her own dance and gymnastic company in 1983 to educate children in the art of dance.

She has 4 years experience working in prison ministry and in 2011 was chosen one of Arizona’s “Top 30 Women of Courage” for her work with the Starbright Foundation.

Pastor Michael Chalberg of the Shepherds Care Ministry is the President of the Starbright Foundation.

His books have included Shattered People, Love, and his latest Hope and Peace.

STARBRIGHT FOUNDATION’s mission is to rescue children and young adults from human sex trafficking and modern day slavery.

These are positive people making a difference and you can help. 

Hour 3: Frank Joseph

Frank Joseph was the editor-in-chief of Ancient American magazine and author of Advanced Civilizations of Pre-Historic America, the incredible Lost Worlds of Ancient America, Atlantis Encyclopedia, and tonight The Lost Treasure of King Juba: The Evidence of Africans in America Before Columbus.

This is the rivoting story of Burrows Cave in Southern Illinois and its’ connection to ancient Phoenicia.

There is new evidence of authenticity we’ll release for the first time tonight. 

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