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Colin Flaherty

is an award winning investigative writer whose work has appeared in over 1000 publications worldwide, including The New York Times, LA Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post and Time magazine.

He has won over 40 journalism awards and hosts a talk radio show on WDEL 1150 in Wilmington Delaware.

He's the author of Redwood to Deadwood the story of a 53 year old dude hitchhiking across America.

His latest book, White Girl Bleed a Lot is an Amazon best seller where he addresses a race relation facts in America.

Tonight, how did we get to this point in America ?

Race relations seem to be at an all time low.

How did we arrive at this point and what should be done to improve this situation?

HOUR 2 & 3

David Spring M.Ed.

was a website consultant, community college instructor, and a loyal user of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office Word, and Internet Explorer.

In 2012 Microsoft introduced their latest innovation Windows 8 which morphed into Windows8.1 Blue.

This difficult to learn “improvement” limits your freedom and capacity to utilize your computer.

He realized there must be a reason for this travesty and hopefully a better way.

Tonight we'll discover the reasons for the new system and the alternative which provides internet privacy with ease of operation.

His book Free yourself From Microsoft and the NSA is one of the most important books you should own.

It's written clearly with actual photos of your computer screen.

Even I can follow his instructions.

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