Upcoming Guests for 04/04/15 - 04/05/15


10PM-1AM (Mountain)
11PM-2AM (Central)
Midnight - 3AM (Sunday) (Eastern)

CALL-IN LIVE! at 1-(888) 420 - 9890


HOUR 1: Andrew Gause

Andrew Gause author of The Secret World of Money examines the start of money, bonds, the IMF, and de-mystifies the Federal Reserve.

This is the book on Federal Reserve that is neither Federal nor containing reserves.

His Uncle Sam Cooks the Books and The World of Money Newsletter should be required reading for anyone seeking privacy and safety of their funds.

Tonight negative interest rates and the new economy.(800) 468-2646.


Hour 2: Pam Oakes

Pam Oakes is a fourth generation auto technician.

She received her ASE certification in 1995 and since then has repaired tens of thousands of vehicles.

In 1995 she started Pamfs Motor City Automotive, Which grew from a one person operation to a 12 bay 10 mechanic shop.

Her books are Car Care for the Clueless: How You Can Make Money While Maintaining Your Vehicle and Car Care for the Clueless: Successful Used Car Buying 101.

Pamfs Car Care for the Clueless can be heard mornings coast to coast on most CBS radio stations.

We'll discuss car care tips for spring, best family cars for 2015 and new car technology.


Hour 3: Craig Bergman

Craig Bergman is a political insider and strategist and an expert on religion, politics and our culture.

Hefs President of Patriots for Christ an organization trying to get our pastors involved in standing up for our Constitution and restoring us to a nation of integrity, morality, and respect.

He is producer of UnFair: The IRS Movie.

The IRS has targeted Conservative Americans , is riddled with scandals, breaks itsf own rules, and now is the administrative enforcement arm of Obamacare.

Listen to Mr. Bergmanfs radio program AmericasWakeUpCall.net and learn more about UnFair: The IRS Movie at CraigBergman.info.

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