Upcoming Guests for 5/23/15 - 5/24/15


10PM-1AM (Mountain)
11PM-2AM (Central)
Midnight - 3AM (Sunday) (Eastern)

CALL-IN LIVE! at 1-(888) 420 - 9890


HOUR 1: Willian Binney

Willian Binney is a former 30 year high-level National Security Agency intelligence official who, after his 2001 retirement, blew the whistle on NSA surveillance programs.

His criticism of the NSA during the Bush Administration made him the subject of FBI investigation and a 2007 raid on his home.

The excesses revealed by Mr. Binney have been confirmed by Edward Snowden.

Tonight the trial of CIA Whistle-blower Jeffrey Sterling.


Hour 2: Frank Vernuccio

Frank Vernuccio is the Editor-In-Chief of the New York Analysis of Policy and Government.

His weekly radio broadcast The Vernuccio/Allison Report is now syndicated.

Frank founded COMACTA to foster dialogue between citizens.

When he headed up the Worker’s Compensation Board following 911, his Manhattan Branch resolved more cases than ever before in history.

Tonight we’ll discuss “Progressive Mayors, Decaying Cities” and “The Cost of Cutting Coal”.


Hour 3: Mark Baird

Mark Baird is President of Scott Valley Protect Our Water.

He’s also a rancher, small business owner, Reserve Deputy Sheriff and resident of Siskiyou County, California.

Mark is a leader and spokesperson for the State of Jefferson, a grassroots movement which could change America.



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